Collaborators and Clients


WellQuest has developed a network of trusted, high quality consultants and research/evaluation associates for projects where having a team approach is beneficial. Regular collaborators, for at least three of the last five years, are:


WellQuest has done past work with numerous occasional collaborating consultants (independent or university-based), on at least one substantive assignment in past years:

Susan Abells, Linda Banister, Roxanne Felix, Ann Goldblatt, Lissa Donner, Dr. Lorraine Greaves, Dr. Sandra Kirby, Dr. Gail McKean, Dr. Candace Nykiforuk, Philip O’Hara, Nancy Poole, Dr. Catherine Scott, Dr. Wilfreda Thurston, Anne Marie Whiteduck, Dr. Cameron Wild, Laurel Vespi.

Present and Recent Assignments  (2007-2012)

The list below reflects the diversity of WellQuest’s work with government and community organizations and networks. For some of these assignments, WellQuest worked with. in a collaborative team. Where another consulting firm was in the lead contractor role, this is noted.