Collaborative Consultation Services

WellQuest offers a range of services to support your organization throughout the planning cycle of your initiative(s). NOTE:I use the term 'initiative' because it is broad enough to encompass programs, services, projects, and policies, as well as more complex combinations of these.

Research and Practice-informed Evidence

Research and practice-informed evidence are key to strengthening the design of your initiative. WellQuest can work with you to compile the following types of evidence:

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WellQuest will work with you 'up front' to design your initiative so it is:

Depending on the content area of your initiative, WellQuest may collaborate with other consultants who have specific content expertise, to give you the best value for your resources.


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Support for Internal Evaluation

You may wish to develop evaluation skills within your own organization. WellQuest has almost 18 years of experience in evaluation capacity building training and follow-up hands on coaching - in-person and at a distance. This support is customized to client needs. It can include provding assistance, coaching, and/or feedback on any combinition of the following: 

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Evaluation Resource Manual - Making a Difference

Making a Difference: Program Evaluation for Health Promotion was published in 1995. It was one of the first in-depth evaluation resources for practitioners in Canada. It has sold over 1700 copies, to evaluators, practitioners, resource libraries, and  post-secondary course instructors. Making a Difference was used in fall 2011 as an undergraduate evaluation text at the University of Alberta.

Most of the information in Making a Difference is still relevant today, and nicely complements more recent resources. Customers who purchase Making a Difference will receive a list of other recent evaluation resources that can be used in concert with this manual. Cost is $25 plus GST/HST, plus shipping/handling cost of $5.00. If you would like to order, please go to the Learning Events page and choose Evaluation Manual in the drop-down menu at the top of the registration form. Payment is by pre-paid cheque or purchase order only.

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External Evaluation

If you are a manager or a funding officer who requires an 'arms length' evaluation of an initiative, WellQuest provides external evaluation services. Even when the evaluation is external, it is still important that all parties who have a major stake in the evaluation have a role in shaping the key questions and approaches. In past external evaluations, we have learned that having an Evaluation Advisory Committee is beneficial for this purpose, and to ensure the evaluation findings will be relevant and useable.

WellQuest then collects and analyzes data independently of the organization or funder. We also draft some initial interpretations and (if requested) recommendations. We then bring those back to your table for collaborative fine tuning and additional input, again to ensure they are relevant and useable within your context.

For external evaluations that are large and/or complex, WellQuest assembles a team of 2-3 consultants whose complementary skill sets will bring the most value to your requirements.

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Initiative Review

Your senior management or funder(s) may ask for a review of one or more of your initiatives. WellQuest can conduct a review in areas such as the following:

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Organizational Development

WellQuest has experience working with boards of directors and senior managers. Ask how WellQuest can work with you on:

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Working with Consultants

As Director/Principal of WellQuest for 18 years, I am happy to share my learning about the client-consultant relationship, including:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I am still a practicing full-time consultant, I would work with you on how to address these issues in general. If you were seeking this type of advice for a specific project that may be of interest to me, I would have to declare a conflict of interest.  In such cases, I would refer you to a trusted experienced colleague in the field who does not take consulting assignments in your particular project area. I can find such people through the Canadian Evaluation Society and other professional networks I have. 


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