Collaborative Consultation Services

WellQuest offers a range of services to support your organization throughout the planning cycle of your initiative(s). NOTE:I use the term 'initiative' because it is broad enough to encompass programs, services, projects, and policies, as well as more complex combinations of these.

External Evaluation

If you are a manager or a funding officer who requires an 'arms length' evaluation of an initiative, WellQuest provides external evaluation services. Even when the evaluation is external, it is still important that all parties who have a major stake in the evaluation have a role in shaping the key questions and approaches. In past external evaluations, we have learned that having an Evaluation Advisory Committee is beneficial for this purpose, and to ensure the evaluation findings will be relevant and useable.

WellQuest then collects and analyzes data independently of the organization or funder. We also draft some initial interpretations and (if requested) recommendations. We then bring those back to your table for collaborative fine tuning and additional input, again to ensure they are relevant and useable within your context.

For external evaluations that are large and/or complex, WellQuest assembles a team of 2-3 consultants whose complementary skill sets will bring the most value to your requirements.

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