Collaborative Consultation Services

WellQuest offers a range of services to support your organization throughout the planning cycle of your initiative(s). NOTE:I use the term 'initiative' because it is broad enough to encompass programs, services, projects, and policies, as well as more complex combinations of these.

Working with Consultants

As Director/Principal of WellQuest for 18 years, I am happy to share my learning about the client-consultant relationship, including:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I am still a practicing full-time consultant, I would work with you on how to address these issues in general. If you were seeking this type of advice for a specific project that may be of interest to me, I would have to declare a conflict of interest.  In such cases, I would refer you to a trusted experienced colleague in the field who does not take consulting assignments in your particular project area. I can find such people through the Canadian Evaluation Society and other professional networks I have. 


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